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About Lesson Recording

Lesson Recording is our latest innovation, using video in the classroom to support reflective practice and enhance online teacher training in the UK. VIDLEARN® is committed to pushing the boundaries of online learning in delivering real life examples of classroom practice to our trainees

Lesson Recording is a fabulous opportunity for schools and teachers to benefit from personal and shared online video catalogues available on demand for individual or group reflective practice sessions.

We ask that contributing teachers devote a small amount of time to join us in a pre-lesson briefing session that can be either face-to-face or via email or telephone. Following the lesson, we record a short review with the teacher following a question and answer session based on “what went well, even better if” scenarios. This overall requirement should not take more than 30 minutes of the teacher’s time.

When all preparations are in place, we visit the school and prepare the classroom with our discreet, broadcast quality equipment ready for recording. We are happy to spend several hours ensuring that setup, acquisition and removal of equipment minimises disruption to the school and its teaching schedule. With careful planning, we can film up to three lessons per day at a single school.

When you contact us via the internet, phone or email, we will supply a list of lessons of interest within your subject specialism. If you or colleagues can deliver one or more of these lessons, you can leave the rest to us.

We do not choreograph, influence or contribute to the content of the lessons. We are interested in engaging lessons, devised and delivered by professional classroom practitioners.

This entire service is completely free of charge.

Lesson Security, Sharing and GDPR

The security of your personal data, including video, is our priority. We therefore operate this scheme based on the following simple rules:

What about quality?

Our emphasis is on professional quality without removing the classroom dynamic. We therefore concentrate on professional specification video and audio without choreographed lighting or seating arrangements. The results are authentic, dynamic, professionally edited, broadcast quality videos.

We use between 2 and 4 Ultra High Definition broadcast quality camcorders depending on classroom size and shape. We aim to capture the entire experience; reactions and contributions from pupils are featured in full as well as the natural focus on the teacher. The cameras are supported by professional, targeted and distributed audio that pick up even the quietest of pupil questions.

All equipment is safely secured and wall mounted near the ceiling. Equipment can be easily dismantled or made semi-permanent to support repeat visits.

The lesson plus any supporting review clips are professionally edited. They are then rendered for use on our proprietary on-demand streaming service, delivered via the VIDLEARN® Online Learning System (VOLS) and can be viewed securely over the internet.

How do VIDLEARN® use the Recordings?

VIDLEARN® are the UK’s leading provider of online Subject Knowledge Enhancement courses. Our courses are unique in delivering a range of resources aimed at satisfying all levels of competency and subject awareness.

This starts with a set of interactive online key concept videos and assessments that are based on DfE specifications and are supported by core texts delivered through the main examining boards. These key concept videos are each supported by a set of Virtual Lessons that trainees can drill down into and experience, in lesson fashion, a detailed representation of the topic direct from practising teachers.

In addition to this we deliver real classroom examples of subject specific lessons so that trainees might start to connect the subject with the pedagogy and it is these examples that the Lesson Recording initiative helps to maintain.

ITT Enhancement Programme

Another of our key products is the ITT Enhancement Programme that is delivered through the ITT Provider community and via our own National Online Teacher Training scheme in conjunction with Yorkshire and Humber Teacher Training.

The ITT Enhancement Programme contains a set of online resources grouped into Professional Studies, Subject Studies, Literacy and Numeracy, and Pedagogy. It allows ITT Providers to implement a blended approach to teacher training or simply use the resources to allow them to dedicate more individual time to trainees.

It is within the pedagogy section of this programme that we transform lessons recorded under this Lesson Recording initiative into interactive packages that exemplify classroom practice in the context of particular Teachers’ Standards. Trainees have their interaction with these resources automatically logged by our system. This helps to form part of their evidence towards QTS.

We are looking to film great classroom practitioners in the following subjects:

  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • English Language
  • English Literature
  • History
  • Geography
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Religious Education
  • Computer Science

If you would like further clarification of how we use the recordings, would like a demonstration or even temporary access to a relevant course, please get in touch via our contact form.

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